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Keeping up with a growing child can be tough but we are here to help! 
Gregg's offers a buy back program for Kids Bikes bought through us.  

Trade in your child's older bike and you get a discount on a new bike for your growing rider!

Excellent Condition:

  • Clean
  • Paint/logos look new and are free of any major scratches or blemishes
  • All original accessories are present in new condition (streamers, fenders, axle caps, baskets, pads, ect.)
  • No rust is evident
  • Tires are in good condition with even tread, front and rear
  • Grips are whole and have not been scuffed or torn
  • Saddle is not scuffed or torn
  • 12" or 16" bikes have training wheels in unworn state
  • If geared, derailleurs are free of any damage and fully functional
  • If rim brakes, rims show little to no wear on braking surface, brake pads have 90% or more life left

Credit for Excellent Condition bikes:

  • 12”- $65    
  • 16”- $80
  • 20” coaster - $85
  • 20” geared - $120
  • 24” geared - $130

Good Condition:

  • Clean.
  • Paint may have minor scratches but otherwise good looking.
  • Original accessories are mostly present and in good condition (streamers, fenders, basket, pads).
  • May have a little rust in bolt heads but none on chain or elsewhere.
  • Tire wear less than 50%.
  • Grips are intact, may not look new but not torn or worn significantly.
  • 12” or 16” bikes have training wheels in good condition (not bent and tires roll smoothly).
  • If geared, derailleurs are free of any damage and fully functional 
  • If rim brake: rim and brake pads have over 50% life left

Credit for Good Condition bikes:

  • 12”- $40    
  • 16”- $50
  • 20” coaster - $55
  • 20” geared - $70
  • 24” geared - $75

Sorry we do not accept:

  • Very dirty bikes.
  • Bikes with rust present on parts, frame and/or chain.
  • Bald/skidded tires/or cracked rubber*
  • Major scratches or any dents.
  • Tears in saddle/grips with holes in bar ends or otherwise badly worn*
  • 12" or 16” bikes with missing training wheels.
  • Rim brakes with rims/pads worn over 50%*
  • For geared models, any bike with non-functioning derailleurs, cracked housings, or frayed cables.
  • Any bike with spray painted frame/parts or non-original parts.
  • Any bike with stickers covering original paint/logos (please remove prior to estimate).
  • Any bike with significant parts spec differences than current models.
 * unless otherwise “excellent/good” - credit can be deducted for new pads, tires, grips, etc. 

Sorry no: Tricycles, Trail-a-bikes, balance bikes, unicycles, or BMX bikes.

Please see any one of our three locations for more details.