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Unfortunately, due to social distancing measures in place, we are unable to perform bike fits at this time. Please check back as measures are eased.

Bike Fit at Gregg's Cycles

At Gregg’s we are committed to maximizing our customers experiences on the bike. We believe that the foundation of an enjoyable cycling experience is a good bike fit on an appropriately sized bicycle. Whether working with a year round bike commuter, a first time rider, or an experienced racer, we are here to help our customers enjoy every minute of their cycling experience!

New Bike Fit Guarantee

To help our customers find the best fit on their bicycles we offer $75 off any fitting service with all new road bikes and all new hybrid or mountain bikes over $1000. Ask a sales associate for more info during your bike purchase.


Guru DFU Fit - $250

The GURU Dynamic Fit Unit is used to provide our most detailed and technologically advanced fit experience possible. Using the DFU, a motorized fit cycle, and the latest in motion capture software allows our fitter to test multiple fit options in one session to determine the perfect fit. The DFU is equipped with an ergo meter allowing our fitters to test various positions under controlled power outputs. Using this method, the fitter will be able to find the position that maximizes comfort, power, and endurance. This fit is then applied to an existing bike or saved to be applied to a new bike. This service is available at the Greenlake Store only.

Check out the video to learn more about the GURU Fit.

Be one with your bike.


Specialized Body Geometry Fit- $250

No body is symmetrical, and trying to fit an asymmetric body onto a symmetric bicycle can lead to imbalances in the body. The Specialized Body Geometry fit includes a  pre-fit range of motion screening which allows us to check for anything that might become an issue on the bike.  In this 16 step screening, our Specialized BG Fit trained fitters will note sit bone width, arch height, foot and leg structure, joint flexibility, and test for leg length differences to determine if any imbalances will manifest themselves on the bike. Our fitters will be able to use this data to determine the best fit for your body. This service is available at all of our locations. 


Foundation Fit - $175

Our most basic complete fit. A fitter will go through all touch points of your bike, from pedals & cleats, saddle position, and handlebar position, to dial in the right position for maximum comfort and performance. This service is available at all of our locations.


Advanced Cleat Fit - $125

If you recently purchased new shoes & pedals, or have new cleats, have a trained professional dial in the position of the cleats on the shoes to match the previous position, or to accommodate recent or lingering knee/foot issues. Please note that a pedal/cleat fit is not recommended if you have not had a more comprehensive fit done recently, because it is an incomplete picture and may not resolve all issues. This service is available at all of our locations.


Advanced Sizing - $75

Cost should not be a barrier to feeling good on your bike. In our advanced sizing we take the basic sizing done when buying a bike and fine tune it. This service includes measuring sit bones for saddle selection, setting the saddle height to a neutral knee extension, making sure the saddle is in the correct fore/aft position, and evaluating handlebar reach. This service is available at all of our locations.




Additional Services

Second Position - $75
This is a required add on for Triathlon and Time Trial bikes that have aero bars and base bars that require fitting to a second position. In Triathlon/TT fit it is very important to get the position dialed as it is a very static position compared to a drop bar or flat bar bike fit. 

Bike Finder - $50
Wondering what size bike you should ride? Which make and model is best for your riding style and fit? The Guru DFU Bike Finder was created for this purpose. "Test ride" any make and model in the store before you test ride it outdoors, and see which models you should look at to consider purchasing. Please note, the $50 fee is applicable to any bike purchase from any of our 3 locations within 30 days.

What if I need a different saddle, pedals, or other equipment installed?
Gregg's has many components in stock, and other options can be ordered based on the fitter's recommendations. The Service department is also available if additional labour is needed. Please arrive early if new shoes, shorts, or other equipment needs to be purchased or installed prior to the fitting.


Unfortunately, due to social distancing measures in place, we are unable to perform bike fits at this time. Please check back as measures are eased.

Please call your preferred location for more information.

Greenlake - 206.523.1822

Bellevue - 425.462.1900