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Due to the unfortunate COVID-19 Pandemic, we are currently experiencingunprecedented volume of online orders.
As we are doing our very best to process them quickly, 
please expect to see some delays at this time.
Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Dear Valued Customer,

Over the past few weeks it is clear that we are facing an unprecedented challenge due to the spread of the coronavirus (SAR-CoV-2/COVID-19).
We are very concerned about our community and are taking steps to ensure the health of our customers and staff of Gregg's Cycles.
We know that bicycles are a vital component for transportation, as well as our mental and physical well being.

As always, the health and safety of our customers, staff and colleagues is our top priority. We are adhering to the preventative protocols defined by Local, State and Federal Agencies and are monitoring communications from these entities for accurate and up-to-date information. As events evolve, we are prepared to implement measures to ensure we provide a high degree of safety to our patrons and staff.

We will operate with revised hours and our services will be somewhat limited.  
Our hours of operation for our three stores are as follows:


Monday Closed 
Tuesday - Open 10 am - 6 pm
Wednesday - Open 10 am - 6 pm
Thursday - Open 10 am - 6 pm
Friday - Open 10 am - 6 pm
Saturday - Open 10 am - 6 pm
Sunday - Closed

Monday - Open 10 am - 6 pm *
Tuesday - Open 10 am - 6 pm *
Wednesday - Closed
Thursday - Open 10 am - 6 pm *
Friday - Open - 10 am - 6 pm *
Saturday - Open  10 am - 6 pm
Sunday - Closed

* Closed 1-2 pm - Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri.

Monday - Open 10 am - 6 pm *
Tuesday - Open 10 am - 6 pm *
Wednesday - Closed
Thursday - Open 10 am - 6 pm *
Friday - Open - 10 am - 6 pm *
Saturday - Open 10 am - 6 pm
Sunday - Closed

* Closed 1-2 pm - Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri.
While we are open, we have instituted the following measures within our stores in accordance with CDC protocols:

We ask our customers who are ill or showing signs of illness to refrain from entering our stores.
The health and well-being of our customers and staff is very important and we wish to prevent spreading the virus to others.

We will limit the number of customers allowed in the
store based on the number of our available staff.

Customers will be asked to patiently wait their turn to enter the store,
and have a one on one shopping experience with one of our staff.

We ask customers to limit the size of your party so that our staff can
effectively assist you and practice prescribed social distancing policies.

Once you have entered the store, please refrain from touching counters,
products, bicycles, etc that are not essential to your purchase.

We will limit test rides based on our ability to safely fit a person
to the bike and allow for riding the bike outside the shop.

Our service department will assist by completing instant repairs
and will not be accepting bikes requiring extensive work and storage by Gregg’s.

We are prohibiting staff who are ill or showing signs of illness from working at Gregg’s.

Please follow the CDC recommended social distancing measures for the protection of our customers and staff.  
Maintain a 6 foot radius between you and the other people in the store.

We also recommend the use of a mask when you visit our store locations.

We are amplifying our cleaning and janitorial commitment and increasing our focus and regularity on high touch points through-out our stores.

As an alternative to shopping in-store, please visit our website at  
We offer a wide selection of products online as well as gift cards and are currently offering free shipping on orders over $75.   

We appreciate your patience, understanding and support during these challenging times.  
Any changes to our store operations or hours will be announced on our website.

Thank you for your support,
Gregg's Cycle