E-Bikes; break down barriers!

 We love E-bikes because they remove barriers to riding, but most importantly E-bikes are fun! Only E-bikes offer the flexibility to get in a work out, ride with a faster friend, haul heavy loads, or just ride. E-bikes are a great equalizer, they let people of different abilities and fitness levels ride together.

 Commute to work without getting too tired for your long workday and beat the traffic. Go shopping without having to worry about parking. Get from here to there with ease and comfort. Pedal assist bikes work by applying assistance when you pedal, via the battery and motor. It's like riding a bike, just easier.

 Here at Gregg's we only stock high quality mid drive E-bikes. Mid drive means that the battery and motor are centered around the cranks and not the rear wheel. This is great because it keeps the weight low and central which means your E-bike will handle that same as any other bike. All of our E-bikes use pedal assist and not a throttle. That means that the power is only there when you pedal. All the models we stock come with manufacturer warranties that cover the lifetime of ownership so you can buy with confidence.

 Come to Gregg's today and see how an E-bike can change the way you ride.