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Q: Are you open? 

A: Please click HERE to see our locations and hours.

Q: When is the best time to come by the shop? 

A: Mornings between 10-1. 

Q: Is there a wait to enter the store?

A: We are asking customers to wait in line outside until a sales person or mechanic is available to help you. We are assisting customers on first-come, first-served; one to one basis. 

Bicycle, parts & accessory sales:

Q: I bought a bike – is it assembled and can I come in and pick it up? 

A:  Bikes are shipped to Gregg’s in boxes and we professionally assemble every bike before it’s available for pickup. The mechanic assembling your new bicycle will call you when it is ready for pickup. We are currently backed up approximately 10-14 days. 

Q: I’m looking for a bike under $800…what’s available?

A: Most hard tail mountain bikes, hybrids, and kids bikes under $800 are all in very limited supply. We are receiving bicycle shipments weekly, however demand is high and the bikes often sell with-in 1-2 days of arriving. We have orders pending with suppliers for bikes which will continue to be delivered over the next 30-60 days.  It’s best to come by or call the shop and see what’s in stock.

Q: Can I test ride a bicycle?

A: Yes, with limitations based on business conditions. We are allowing up to 2 test rides per customer and limiting the time out on the test ride. Please, no test rides after 5pm.  

Q: How do I hold a bike that I see on your website?

A: You can hold a bike with a refundable deposit. Call one of our stores and talk to a sales associate to determine if this would be the appropriate bike and to place a deposit. 


Q: Can I make a service appointment?

A: No, we are not currently taking appointments for service work. It’s first come, first serve. We currently are experiencing about 7-14 day turn-around times for adjustments and repairs.  

Q: I need my bike repaired. Can I bring it in for service?

A: Yes! We offer a complete menu of a la carte repairs to address your needs. We will provide a free estimate. 

Q: I have a flat tire or minor adjustment, can you help?

A: We are prioritizing repairs and minor adjustments that can be completed ‘on the spot’ without check-in.