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Kid's Bike Buyers Guide

We take trade-ins!

If you purchased you kid's bike from Gregg's and need to size up let us know! We will happily buy it back and take the cost out of a new bike. 

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Make sure your child is safe on their new bike! Helmets sizes range from Toddler, to Child, to Youth. Make sure that your child's helmet is equipped with a Multi-directional Impact Protection System, or MIPS,  for added safety.

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Giving your little adventurer the gift of cycling is one of the greatest feelings. Our kids’ bikes are quality, lightweight bikes, professionally assembled by the same technicians that take care of our high-performance machines.

Specialized Hotwalk

Featured Bike: Specialized Hotwalk

Your little one will learn balance quicker than ever with Specialized's Hotwalk. It uses a lightweight, aluminum frame with an extremely low standover height so they have plenty of room to use their feet to propel themselves, while the comfy seat lets them sit down and coast when up to speed. The kid-friendly Hotwalk geometry makes this a perfect bike to introduce your child to the wonderful world of bicycling.

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Balance Bikes

Balance Bikes

Starting early is the key to teaching your young ones the joys of bicycle life, and there's no better way to do so than with a balance bike. Designed for less crashes and more smiles, balance bikes makes learning to ride a bike as easy as can be. Balance bikes are designed to teach kids the most fundamental part of riding a bike, balance.

16 Inch Bikes

16 Inch Bikes

Built for kids ages four to six, 16" bikes are usually the first pedal bikes kids will have. Kids on these bikes are often 4-5 year olds who have 18-22 inch inseams. These bikes often only have one gear making it simple for kids to get up to speed. Often these bikes will come with training wheels and only one hand brake with a coaster brake in the hub.

20 Inch Bikes

20 Inch Bikes

These bikes are built for kids who are 5-8 years old and have inseams from 22-25 inches. With these bikes kids will be introduced to multiple gears as well as front and rear brakes. Often bikes in the category start to be build with a riding purpose in mind, be it riding to school on pavement or riding trails in the mountains.

24 Inch Bikes

24 Inch Bikes

These bikes are for kids who are almost tall enough to ride an adult bike. Kid's on 24 inch bikes are usually 8-11 years old and have 24-28 inch inseam. These bikes also come in models built for riding on pavement and riding out in the mountains. The mountain bikes in this category will often get suspension and hydraulic brakes just like what come on adult bikes.