Trek 1.2 C

4.5 stars
 (9 Reviews)
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Trek's 1.2 C is a shining example of trickle-down technology. The heart and soul of this speed demon is Trek's 100 Alpha Series aluminum frame and carbon fork, an impressive combination often seen on much more expensive machines. Add Shimano's reliable wide-range 18-speed drivetrain, powerful dual-pivot brakes and select Bontrager parts and you have an amazing road rig. It's ready, willing, and able to take you everywhere you want to go, from touring the countryside to cruising local loops for fitness to joining the weekend group rides.

Consumer Reviews

4.5 stars

(9 reviews)

77% of respondents would recommend this to a friend.


  • Lightweight  (8)
  • Comfortable  (3)
  • Fast  (3)
  • Durable  (3)
  • Versatile  (3)
  • Quiet  (2)


  • Poor Construction  (2)
  • Braking could be better 
  • Latency high gear shifts 
  • Shifter Rattle 
  • A little noisy 
  • Noise 

Best Uses

  • Road Biking  (8)
  • Commuting/City  (7)
  • Racing 
  • Starter road bike 
  • Training bike 
  • Upgrade from older bike 

Sep 02, 2015

Amazing Road Bike!

Good components, Go To Road Bike, Strong frame, Fast, Comfortable, Racing Capable, Lightweight, Highly durable, Good price, Good stability
Braking Could Be Better, Latency High Gear Shifts
Best Uses:
Starter Road Bike, Training bike, Racing, Upgrade From Older Bike
I bought this bike 6 months ago. First road bike. Have been riding Mountain Bikes all my life, so this was a bit of a change. I bought it orginally for the sole purpose of going faster than my MTB hybrid would go (My MTB tops out at about 28mph on the flats) On the Trek 1.2 I've so far hit a flat land top speed of 32mph, so this bike delivers. I also intend to use it for triathlons of which its totally game. It may not be a $5000 bike. But it sure acts like one. It's light and it's acceleration is high. Uphill, it provides adequately with proper down shifting. Downhill its big front gear leaves plenty of room for powering down that descent. I usually top out at 35mph due to cars being around, but I'm sure this bike could handle a top speed of 45mph in top gear, legs spinning of course. It's durability and stabiltiy is uncanny, as I almost wiped out the other day from a car cutting in front of me, and caught a crack in the road, causing me to wobble. I recovered and no tire or rim damage, allowing me to finish my ride! As far as retaining this bike or upgrading a new one, I figure it's better to just upgrade this great platform of a bike (Clipless Pedals and Shoes, and an aero bar). As I started riding at an avg speed of 17mph 6 months ago, I am now upwards of 21 mph avg over 12 miles. I'd like to retain this beauty as long as possible and see just how far it will go. Distance and Race wise!
by superbiker700 from Los Angeles

Aug 28, 2015

Fast, Affordable, Fun!

Durable, Lightweight, Fast, Comfortable, Well-made
A little noisy, Some Derailleur Issues
Best Uses:
Road Biking, Commuting/City, Triathlon
My first road bike! I love riding this bike. Much faster than anything I've ever had before and it responds to how hard I want to push it.
by New Roady from Bountiful, Utah

Jul 24, 2015

Too much "whiz" not enough "bang"

Wears Out Quickly, Broken Cables
Best Uses:
Road Biking, Commuting/City
I use this product to train. I like that the bike is lightweight and versatile I don't like how my gears were noisy and my front mech cable broke within the first 3 weeks of riding.
by footballrocker from Castle Rock, CO

Jun 23, 2015

Decent bike

Poor Construction, Noise
Best Uses:
Road Biking, Commuting/City
The chainrings make a lot of noise when it's in the big ring and the cassette constantly makes a lot of noise. Not sure if the bike is poorly made or if adjustments are needed but changing gears is not very reliable. It would not properly shift onto the cogs or it would make a lot of noise.
by jimbo from Vancouver

Aug 17, 2014

Right quick

Lightweight, Versatile, Light
Best Uses:
Road Biking, Commuting/City
My first real road bike, I use it for commuting to work, fitness and even race it. It's inexpensive enough and is so much faster than anything I've had before. So far, very happy
by Notromxela from Boundary Creek, NB

Jul 31, 2014

Could be better

Fast, Lightweight
Shifter Rattle, Bent Rear Derailleur, Poor Construction
Best Uses:
Commuting/City, Road Biking
Quite light at 21 lbs. even though considered on heavier side. Lose 6 lbs. to compensate to equal $_000 carbon bike weight of 15 lbs. :) Your own weight is more a factor. Bottom bracket is smooth. Wheels are not the lightest, but quite adequate for fast speed. Rims not perfectly true. Can see slight wobble. Wheel out of balance even after removing reflectors. Probably due to test riders, but still ok, minor tweeks. Brakes poorly adjusted and squeek like mad. Embarrassing! :( Was fine after full tweek and lube. SUPER ANNOYING SHIFTER RATTLE going over bumpy roadS. Both sides. Partly due to plastic insert under the indicator window. Siliconed it, but something else in the shifter still rattles. Rattle sudsides when holding on to hood. Inner shifter tab kept rubbing against outer. Very annoying shifting feel. Can't find any adjustments like other Brand. Derailleur was bent. Kept throwing my adjustments off, probably test riders again. Crank won't spin as freely as result. Not the best purchasing experience. CONCLUSION: Got bike on sale so won't complain too much. I'll deal with it. But still... Whether 1.1 or 1.2, not much diff. Best if fresh out of box. Like everyone says, should have gotten Tiagra.
by speedy from Vancouver, bc

Apr 20, 2014

Hard to beat value and quality

Good value, Lightweight, Easy Maintenance, Reliable, Quiet, Stylish, Ready To Ride, Comfortable, Affordable, Versatile, Durable, Well built quality, Smooth
Best Uses:
Commuting/City, Road Biking
I bought this bike in September 2012. I currently have just over 5000 miles on it. If I had it to do over, I might get the 1.5 or a madone 2.1. For the money, you can't go wrong. Solid components. I keep up with riders that have full carbon and Ti bikes. This bike is unbelievably quiet, and smooth for an entry level bike. I was already sold on trek mountain bikes, and will eventually move up to a trek madone or domane full carbon. I plan on a new wheel set and saddle for this summer, otherwise the bike is just fine off the rack.
by Bobperu from Salt lake city

May 11, 2013


Versatile, Lightweight, Durable
Best Uses:
Road Biking, Commuting/City
can't beat it for the price
by jon from nj

Oct 24, 2012

Great for long fast fitness rides

Responsive, Quiet, Smooth ride
Best Uses:
Fitness, Road Biking
I started riding again about 3 months ago with a hybrid but I found it hard to do more than 20 miles. I originally went in just to buy some shoes and pedals but the salesman suggested I look at a higher quality/ distance bike so I slept on it. I'm glad I took the chance to buy a bike that fits me(im 6'4") it makes long rides enjoyable and self rewarding. its the entry level trek series but for getting into the distance cycling it was a great choice. Only thing I might change would be opting for the 1.5 for a little more.Have owned the bike for about 2 months and I have gone over 500 miles with weekly rides of 50 miles +definitely recommend a pair of cycling shoes and pedals... pay the few extra bucks for the SL/ road pedals
by two_cents from Atlantic City,nj


Trek 100 Alpha Series aluminum
Bontrager Carbon
Formula, aluminum
Bontrager T1, 700 x 23c
FSA Vero C
Front Derailleur
Shimano Sora
Rear Derailleur
Shimano Sora
Rear Cogs
SRAM PG-950, 9-speed: 11-28
Shimano Sora STI
Bontrager Race VR-C
Bontrager Gel Cork
Bontrager SSR
Brake Levers
Shimano Sora
Aluminum dual-pivot
Nylon w/clips and straps
Bontrager Affinity 1
Bontrager Aluminum