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We believe that bikes make the world better. We are driven by the idea that something as simple as a bike can help you escape into the wilderness, explore your city, bring a family together, and make your everyday transportation easier. We work with the best manufacturers in the industry to bring you products that fit your cycling needs at an affordable price. We know that providing kind, expert service for our customers is a must. We maintain a large staff of knowledgeable, enthusiastic cyclists ready to help first time riders, and die-hard cycling veterans find what they need. We all work to share our passion for cycling in hopes that it will bring you the same joy it has brought us.

Among the Gregg's staff you'll find enthusiasts with a great passion for the outdoors and the products we carry. If you need information on the latest cycling technology, directions to the toughest or most scenic trails, tips on dressing for the weather, or ratings of the best bakeries for your next ride, the staff at Gregg's is ready with concerned, involved expert advice.

Gregg's Greenlake Cycle first opened its doors in 1932 under the direction of R.V. Gregg. Today Gregg's Cycles remains under the ownership of Stan Gregg, the third generation of the Gregg family. In 1983 we opened Gregg's Bellevue Cycle to serve the growing number of cyclists in the suburbs of the Eastside. Gregg's Bellevue Cycle is currently the largest bicycle shop on the Eastside. Early in 2007 we expanded into Lynnwood and in 2017 moved the store to its new location on 196th Street.

Stan Gregg is a lifelong resident of the Seattle area. His commitment to customer service and quality products is influenced by his own love of cycling. Stan has been competing since 1986 and has 16 national and 10 world medals. He continues to ride today and is always looking to improve the quality of our stores and the riding community.

We are proud of the awards we have earned in 2017 and are grateful for all of the support we have received. For us, these awards symbolize the effort we make every day to provide the best possible service since 1932. We will continue this work to insure that we create a healthy and growing cycling community for our riders.

America's Best Bike Shops
The National Bicycle Dealers Association, also known as NBDA, has ranked us as one of America's best bike shops. The NBDA only gives the award to shops that pass a gauntlet of tests. They test our quality of communication by sending emails, calling in at random times and even sending in secret shoppers. They also look at our level of customer satisfaction and how we run our shop on a day to day basis. We are proud that our hard work is noticed within the industry and this award reassures us that we are moving in the right direction.

Best of Seattle
The readers of Seattle Weekly have Chosen Gregg’s Greenlake Cycles as the best bike shop in Seattle for 2017. We greatly appreciate the support of our customers for this award. They even wrote a little story about us, which you can read here.

Best of Western Washington
We work hard for this award every year. King 5 opens online polls for customers to vote for their favorite business of western Washington. We have been fortunate enough to earn this award for 9 straight years now. It is an honor to be supported by so many and we will continue to take care of our riders and community.