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Bike Fit at Gregg's Cycles

At Gregg’s we are committed to maximizing our customers experiences on the bike. We believe that the foundation of an enjoyable cycling experience is a good bike fit on an appropriately sized bicycle. Whether working with a year round bike commuter, a first time rider, or an experienced racer, we are here to help our customers enjoy every minute of their cycling experience!


Foundation Fit


Our baseline comprehensive fit- this will address all contact points with the bicycle, and how each rider best connects with their machine for maximum comfort and performance. We begin with pre-fit biomechanical assessments to understand a rider's unique traits, concerns, and goals. Included in this service is saddle selection and positioning, bar positioning and sizing, and a cleat fit. A Foundation Fit typically takes 2 hours.

Any new components (most commonly stem, handlebar, and/or seat) will be an additional cost.

Guru DFU Fit


The GURU Dynamic Fit Unit is used to provide our most detailed and technologically-advanced fit experience possible. This fit incorporates all of the elements of the Foundation Fit in addition to using the DFU, a motorized fit cycle. The DFU enables us to test multiple positions in one session to determine the perfect fit. All of the adjustments happen in real-time as you pedal, making subtle differences easy to feel. The DFU is equipped with an ergo meter allowing us to test positions under controlled power outputs. Using this method, the fitter will be able to find the position that maximizes comfort, power, and endurance. This fit can be applied to an existing bike, and/or saved to be applied to a new bike. The DFU has an extensive database of frame geometries. It will recommend frame models & sizes, seat post offset, handlebar selection, and stem length to match your optimum fit. This can be especially beneficial when planning a new bike purchase or build. A Guru DFU Fit typically takes 3 hours.

Any new components (most commonly stem, handlebar, and/or seat) will be an additional cost.

Guru Aero


This service is for the time trialist or triathlete looking to dial in their aero position. Starting with a pre-fit interview and 16 step biomechanical assessment, we gain an understanding of your current goals and any limiting factors to your aero position.  We transpose your current fit onto the Guru DFU, then fine tune your position making small adjustments while you pedal under a controlled power output. The ability to rotate the entire position at the touch of a button is invaluable to athletes looking for their most aero and sustainable position. Once we have found your ideal aero position, we then apply it as close as possible back to the bike. 

Any new components (most commonly stem, handlebar, and/or seat) will be an additional cost.

Advanced Cleat Fit


If you recently purchased new shoes & pedals, or have new cleats, have a trained professional dial in the position of the cleats on the shoes to match the previous position, or to accommodate recent or lingering knee/foot issues. Please note that a pedal/cleat fit is not recommended if you have not had a more comprehensive fit done recently, because it is an incomplete picture and may not resolve all issues. This service is available at all of our locations.

Bike Finder


Using the Guru DFU allows you to "test ride" multiple bikes. The Guru lets us select different brands, frame sizes, stems, and handlebars, then expands to those exact specifications. You can feel the touch points of multiple bikes, changing between them at  the touch of a button, helping narrow down your selection or select the correct size. This is a great option if you can not actually test ride a bike before ordering. The Guru can not tell you anything about the ride quality or handling of a bike so a true test ride is always recommended.

Additional Services

Additional Bike - $125

Setting up a second bike to match fit numbers from a complete fit. 

Additional Hour - $100

Extra time needed beyond a fits time 


Fitters Bio

Bri Torkelson has been bike fitting for Gregg’s since 2017, helping hundreds of riders find comfort and improve performance. They received training at Specialized Bicycle Components University, completing both the Retül and Retül Aero fit courses.

Bri’s cycling journey began in their late teens. With a flat bar bike and dedication, they lost 100lbs riding along the Cedar River Trail, and found a new passion that has only grown stronger with time. Wanting to share the self-empowerment & liberation they found through bikes, Bri spent the next five years as an indoor cycling instructor. 

Their goals towards self-improvement spurred a desire to compete. After racing a few local criteriums and time trials, Bri decided to enter the 2017 Zwift Academy competition. As a finalist, they were flown to Germany for a chance at a pro contract with the Canyon/SRAM racing team. While the racing contract never materialized, their appreciation for the training, knowledge, and dedication required to be an elite-level athlete grew exponentially.


Whether your goal is fitness, pleasure, competition, or all of the above, Bri is passionate 
about connecting with other riders to help them get the most out of cycling.

For more information or questions, 
Please contact Bri @

Cancellation Fee= 1/2 of scheduled fit cost 

If you need to cancel please allow at least 24 hours notice or there will be a cancellation
fee amounting to half the cost of the scheduled service.