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We all love our bikes and work to personalize them to really make them our own. Whether it's set up for racing, touring, or to hit the trails, you can always find a shop bike here that is unique to it's rider. View these videos for inspiration or simply to see What We Ride!

What We Ride: Tony's Trek CrossRip

Tony from Greenlake is planning a West Coast bike tour and chose the Trek CrossRip as the bike to do it on. This bike is set up to be fast and efficient. Check it out!

What We Ride: Jeremy's Cannondale Flash

In this episode check out Jeremy from Greenlake's Cannondale Flash Hi-Mod set up in bikepacking mode!

What We Ride: Eliott's Trek Stache

Meet Eliott from our Lynnwood location as he shows you his Trek Stache, a capable all mountain hardtail.

What We Ride: Bri's Cannondale SuperSix Evo

Meet our staff and see what we ride! First up is our Fit Specialist Bri showing her Cannondale SuperSix Evo. Check it out!